Top-notch performance on the Star Ratings scale is key to success for Medicare Advantage plans. High ratings help MA plans:

  • Attract new members
  • Ensure customer loyalty
  • Secure bonus opportunities
It’s more important than ever for MA plans to devote significant time, effort and resources to maximizing performance.

Learn how your MA plan can employ innovative strategies and technologies to stay ahead when you download “4 Steps to Help Medicare Advantage Plans Improve Star Ratings in 2022.”

This white paper covers:

  • A detailed analysis of key CMS 2020 performance year (2022 Star Ratings) program protections and consequences
  • How to develop a comprehensive, data-driven strategy for improvement
  • Holistic strategies to transform the patient experience, now worth a third of overall Star Ratings
  • How to prepare for the revised Transitions of Care (TRC) measure by prioritizing medication reconciliation
  • And more ...

Download the White Paper